Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

CODEPOLA has always had service as its goal, maintaining a range of benefits for its members. Cervantes spoke of a fighter, “Don Quixote de la Mancha”. Don Quixote was a great dreamer, who won battles and reaped triumphs that, even being a symbolism, today is an icon in the life of businessmen.

CODEPOLA was a vision and its purpose is to defend and fight for our rights.

CODEPOLA has achieved its position thanks to the support of its members, employees and citizens who believe in our work.

CODEPOLA undertakes on this occasion one more challenge, a medical plan, but one that meets the needs of all the sectors that CODEPOLA groups together.

This medical plan must be viable for the budget of the working class of Puerto Rico, affordable, with broad coverage and acceptance.

Today I am announcing that thanks to the alliances achieved with Cambridge Inc., we can offer our membership a medical plan.

Now CODEPOLA not only cares about your safety, but also about your health.

Two very important elements in our lives. This Medical Plan belongs to everyone and for everyone, because for me, giving Puerto Ricans the peace of mind of being safe and healthy comes first.

I dedicate this achievement to my wife Ixia Lee Castro Santana and my daughter Alondra Torres Castro, you are the engine of my life.

Mission accomplished.

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