What is the corporation for the defense of Puerto Rico's gun license holders (CODEPOLA)?

It is a corporation that provides legal services to its members, specialized in Act 168-2019 and only for people who have obtained a lawful weapon license.

How does it help me to become a member of the Corporation?

Active members will have legal protection during the term of your weapon license that will cover you in any incidents you may have where you may need legal assistance in weapons matters.

How much do legal services cost with the Corporation?

The cost of our services is minimum and for only $20.00 per month you can enjoy the benefits.

Is this insurance?

No. This is a legal service that you are acquiring to help you protect your rights related to your weapon license, completely private and with experienced legal representation of lawyers skilled in the interpretation of Act 168-2019.


If I am not interested in the service, what can happen to me?

You will never know when you will be exposed to a situation in which you have to use your firearm or if the Police, due to ignorance or elitism, wants to occupy your weapons. From the experience of recent cases, we have seen how citizens have had to pay sums of no less than $ 5,000.00 and even more for legal fees and to this day they have not recovered their firearms. The question you should ask yourself is: Do I want to have a service that gives me peace of mind or do I want to risk losing everything because I don’t immediate access to have a lawyer who is experienced with this matter? Will I have enough money available in an emergency?

Who can have this service?

Everyone, including Security guards, Retired Police officers, Private detectives, Merchants, Former Mayors, Former Judges, Former Representatives, and all citizens who have a valid weapons license.