What We Offer

Main benefits of belonging to CODEPOLA.

  1. 24/7 service.
  2. Legal advice/Legal assistance 24/7.
  3. Seminars on Law 168-2019, Puerto Rico Weapons Law 2020 articulated with the Penal Code that could apply to the misuse of weapons.
  4. Legal representation in accusations where the firearm has been used in legitimate defense.
  5. Legal representation in administrative cases of weapons license revocation.
  6. Legal representation in judicial and administrative cases of occupation of weapons and licenses for crimes, complaints and beliefs of negligence.
  7. Affidavits for weapons license renewals, license category changes and license duplicate requests. Cost $10.00.
  8. We are the only ones to offer 24/7 on-scene service.
  9. Economic contribution in case of death of the partner, wife or children.
  10. Economic contribution for blood and ambulance expenses.
  11. Legal representation for the family nucleus (Included in your $20 monthly membership) *Extended benefit for the partner’s spouse and/or children under 21 years of age who do not have a P.R. weapons license. in force and legitimately defend themselves with the partner’s weapon, they will be represented by CODEPOLA.
    It does not apply to a spouse or direct member of the family nucleus who has a valid weapons license and must be an active member of CODEPOLA to receive legal representation.
  12. Elimination of Criminal Record Record. (Cost subject to legal guidance)
  13. Appeal in case when buying your gun the FBI issues a denial order. (Cost subject to legal guidance)
  14. Representation in Administrative Hearings for Police.
  15. Roadside assistance, includes the following:
    1. Towing service for cars and motorboats. (Hitch and first 5 miles)
    2. Tow truck service for keyless car pick up. (Hitch and first 5 miles)
    3. Locksmith for any type of car.
    4. Battery booster service.
    5. Towing 24/7. (includes holidays)
    6. Rubber or air change service.
    7. There is a limit of 5 occurrences per year.
  16. Bail (Each case will be evaluated)
  17. Psychologist (2 therapies)
  18. Annual Convention
  19. Seminars
  20. Course for Ladies
  21. UNLIMITED Free Consultations

Criminal Cases

  1. Serious Illegal Appropriation
  2. First Degree Murder
  3. Second Degree Murder
  4. Summons to Police Headquarters
  5. Summons to the Dept. Of Justice
  6. Criminal contempt
  7. Determination of Probable Cause (Rule 6)
  8. Determination of Probable Cause in Less Serious Cases
  9. Determination of Probable Cause in Serious Cases
  10. Homicide (authorization from CODEPOLA is required)
  11. Involuntary manslaughter
  12. Gross and Reckless Recklessness While Driving Motor Vehicles
  13. Weapons Law
  14. Weapons Law Serious Cases
  15. Controlled Substances Act (Serious Cases)
  16. Traffic law

Criminal Cases will have an additional cost depending on the type of case prior to the legal consultation.

Civil Cases

  1. Motions
  2. Lawsuits Civil Cases (Damage or Civil Claims)[1]—
  3. Additional court appearance for continuation of hearings or trial (each)
  4. Civil contempt
  5. Divorces by Mutual Consent
  6. Contentious Divorces
  7. Additional Day Trial Contentious Divorces
  8. Testimonials and Affidavits
  9. Declaration of Heirs to the Partner
  10. Wedding
  11. Deeds of Sale
  12. Powers
  13. Emancipation by Public Deed
  14. Law on Controversies and Provisional States of Law (Law 140 of July 23, 1974)

Civil Cases will have an additional cost depending on the type of case prior to the legal consultation.

Puerto Rico Appellate Court / Puerto Rico Supreme Court

We are the first organization that includes legal representation for appeal procedures before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico related to The New Weapons Act of Puerto Rico (Act 168-2019).