What We Offer

Main benefits of belonging to CODEPOLA.

  1. 24/7 service
  2. Legal advice / Legal assistance 24/7
  3. Seminars on Act 168-2019, Weapons Act of Puerto Rico 2020 and the Penal Code that could apply to the lawful use and/or misuse of weapons.
  4. Legal representation in criminal accusations where the firearm has been used in self-defense.
  5. Legal representation in administrative cases of weapon license revocation.
  6. Legal representation in judicial and administrative cases of weapon cofiscation and licenses for crimes, complaints and negligence beliefs.
  7. Affidavits for weapon license applications, renewals, and duplicate license ID applications.
  8. In addition to the benefits mentioned above you can enjoy peace of mind. Just knowing that if, when making legal use of weapons for which you have been licensed, the Puerto Rico police or another Government Agency with jurisdiction occupies your weapon or all of your weapons, as we know what happens, or you or you be faced with unfair charges or frivolous, you will have the assistance and advice of lawyers with experience with the Puerto Rico Weapons Act 2020, Act 168-2019.
  9. We are the only ones to offer on-site service 24/7.
  10. Legal representation extended to your family. (Included in your monthly membership) *Protection for your spouse and children under the age of 21 that does not possess a valid PR weapon license and uses our member’s weapon to defend him or herself. Does not include family members that owns a weapons license, they must apply for CODEPOLA membership.
  11. Criminal Record Removal. (Cost subject to legal counseling)
  12. Appeal in case the FBI denies the purchase of your weapon. (Cost subject to legal counseling)
  13. Representation in Administrative Hearings for Policemen.
  14. Roadside Assistance, includes the following:
    1. Cars and motorcycle towing (Hitch and first 5 miles)
    2. Cars without keys towing (Hitch and first 5 miles)
    3. Locksmiths for any car
    4. Battery Booster service
    5. 24/7 towing
    6. Lot service for car monitored with security cameras
    7. Tire change or air fill-up services
    8. There’s a limit of 5 calls per year
  15. Bond (Every case will be evaluated)
  16. Psychologist (2 therapies)

Criminal Cases

Criminal Investigations
Unlawful Appropriation
First Degree Murder, Self Defense Only
Second Degree Murder, Self Defense Only
Summons to the Police Headquarters
Summons to the Dept. Of Justice
Criminal Contempt
Determination of Probable Cause (Rule 6) Misdemeanors
Determination of Probable Cause (Rule 6) Felony

Involuntary manslaughter / Negligence
Gross Negligence Recklessness When Driving Motor Vehicles
Weapons Act Violations
Controlled Substances Act
Transit Act Violations

Civil Cases

Civil Cases Lawsuits (Damages or Civil Claims) [1] —
Additional appearance to the Court for continuance of hearings or trial (each)
Civil contempt
Divorces by Mutual Consent
Contentious Divorces
Testimonies and Sworn Statements
Declaration of Heirs
Power of Attorney
Emancipation by a minor Public Deed
Protective Order Hearing (Domestic Violence/Stalking)
Disputes between Neighbors and Provisional States (Act 140 of July 23, 1974)

Puerto Rico Appellate Court / Puerto Rico Supreme Court

We are the first organization that includes legal representation for appeal procedures before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico related to The New Weapons Act of Puerto Rico (Act 168-2019).